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Company Information
August 1949 Established with initial capitalization of \1 million.
September 1970 Tokyo Seiko Co., Ltd., established in Fukushima.
November 1971 Capital increased to \360 million; approval to list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Second Section received.
September 1973 Tsuruoka Brake Co., Ltd., established in Yamagata.
December 1983 TBK Rockwell Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Rockwell International Corporation, established.
February 1985 TBK Sales Co., Ltd., established.
January 1989 Name of TBK Rockwell Co., Ltd., changed to TBR Co., Ltd.
March 1990 Joint venture TBK Krungthep Co., Ltd., established in Thailand.
November 1990 Tsuruoka Brake Co., Ltd., merged with TBR Co., Ltd., to form TBR Co., Ltd.
May 1992 TBK M&R Co., Ltd., established in Hokkaido.
March 1994 TBK Sales Co., Ltd., changed name to TBS Co., Ltd.
March 1995 Capital increased to \4,367.3 million.
August 1995 Joint venture Full Win Developments Ltd. established in China.
September 1995 Tokachi Proving Ground opened in Hokkaido.
November 1996 Joint venture TBK Brake Co., Ltd., established in Thailand.
October 1998 Joint venture TBK India Private Ltd. established in India.
June 1999 TBK head office relocated to Machida, Tokyo.
December 1999 ISO 9001 certification acquired.
June 2001 QS 9000 certification acquired.
June 2002 GSB-TBK Automotive Components, S.L., a joint venture with the GSB Group in Spain, established to manufacture oil and water pumps.
April 2004 TBK Krungthep Co., Ltd. and TBK Brake Co., Ltd. merged to form TBKK (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
June 2004 Hangzhou TBK-APG Brakes Co., Ltd. established in China as a joint venture
March 2005 Share market listing upgraded to First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
July 2005 Company name changed from Tokyo Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. to TBK Co., Ltd.
May 2006 TBK Fukushima No. 2 plant founded in Fukushima prefecture.
December 2006 TBK America, Inc. founded in Richmond, Indiana.
July 2008 TBK America, Inc. moved its plant to a new location in Richmond.
December 2008 TBK has entered into a capital and business agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
September 2011 TBK India Private Ltd., joint venture in India converted to a subsidiary.
October 2011 Transferred the stock of GSB-TBK Automotive Components, S. L. to Spanish partner company.
April 2012 Changchun FAW Sihuan TBK Co., Ltd., established in China, as a joint venture with Changchun Sihuan Brake.
April 2014 Name of Changchun FAW Sihuan TBK Co., Ltd. changed to Changchun FAWSN TBK Co., Ltd.
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