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Company Information
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The TBK Group is a major player in the development, production and sales of components such as brakes, water pumps for engine cooling and oil pumps for engine lubrication. These components are essential to the safety and efficiency of small to large vehicles and buses.

TBK upholds its flagship policy of producing customer-oriented products while contributing to the well-being of society. Since our customers demand high levels of environmental friendliness, consumer safety and affordability, TBK realizes the need for adding value through its quality assurance policy of "providing customers with products excelling in safety and reliability."

Fulfilling our corporate social responsibility allows TBK to enhance business and management. This in turn enables TBK to meet the requirements of all its stakeholders.
13th Mid-Term Business Plan (April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2019)
1. Growth of net sales
1) Sell new products and to new fields
2) Growth of oversea sales
 Target of FY2018 (ending March 31, 2019)
  Consolidated net sales: \55,000 million
  Consolidated ordinary income \4,400 million
  Consolidated ordinary income rate 8%
2. High global competitiveness
Provide customer expected quality and to be a proposal-based company
 1) Rebuild global quality management system
 2) Realize high competitive cost against developing countries
 3) Speedy development and proposal-based sales
3. Education of global human resource
 Training of human resource to support global growth
 Training the next generation of executives/ engineers
4. Build a reliability
Create business base for leading company
 1) Improve group compliance and corporate governance
 2) Safety and environment a priority factors
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