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Research and Development
Planning, design, and development
TBK cooperates with other vehicle and engine manufacturers at every stage of product planning, design, and development. This cooperation enables all parties to reduce costs and shorten lead times for product development.

In recent years, we have focused our R&D attention on full-air brakes and new materials for linings and pads. We have also been developing lighter-weight and more efficient pumps, while also creating electronically controlled, energy efficient pumps that maximize engine performance with minimal energy consumption.

To further improve productivity and slash costs, we have adopted a design policy that prioritizes compatibility of components and standardized production processes.
Designing by 3D-CAD system
Bench tests
Before placing new products on the market, TBK conducts extensive performance and durability tests. Moreover, we conduct various bench tests to verify product reliability.
Brake performance tests
(actual tests carried out with protective cover)
Control room for automatic bench tests
Oil pump performance tests Performance tests for water pumps
Vibration endurance tests Electronic retarder deceleration performance tests
(actual tests carried out with protective cover)

Vehicle tests
We conduct various vehicle tests at our high-speed circuit of 4.8 kilometers, or three miles, in Tokachi. These tests include brake tests at a speed of 100 km/hr, a requirement to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations in the U.S. They also simulate extreme conditions, such as low-friction and compressed-snow surfaces.
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