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Environmental Initiatives
Message from the President
In recent years, environmental concerns have mounted, in line with ongoing global warming, unseasonable weather throughout the world, rising sea levels and various other negative indicators.

The TBK Group is committed to preserving the environment in its manufacturing and related activities and is constructing production systems with global environmental concerns in mind. For this reason, the TBK Group and its factories are expanding their activities through the application of the ISO14001 environmental management system.

Under the TBK Group Environmental Policy, we are working to reduce our impact on the environment, improve our energy consumption efficiency and dramatically decrease our final waste ratio.

The TBK Group aims to achieve socially sustainable development. While continuing to expand our operations, we recognize our responsibility to preserve the environment.

While providing our customers with products they require, we will strive for harmony with the environment by focusing on environmental activities as we maintain the high level of public regard that we enjoy as a corporate group.

April 1, 2014
Takaaki Kishi, President
TBK Group Environmental Policy
Basic Principles
We strive for growth that preserves harmony with the environment, recognizing that "Actions by corporate management are a prerequisite to attaining global environmental conservation from within."

Our basic principles are as follows.

1. We engage in appropriate environmental management to reduce the impact of the TBK Group's activities, products and services.
2. We continually improve the effectiveness of environmental management systems in preventing pollution.
3. We observe environment-related laws and other requests made by consensus across the TBK Group.
4. We establish objectives and targets based on our environmental policy, decide action plans, expand our activities to realize these goals and conduct regular reviews.
5. We place special emphasis on:
  (1) Promoting energy and resource conservation;
(2) Encouraging waste reduction and recycling;
(3) Curtailing the environmental impact of our products; and
(4) Mitigating TBK's impact on the environment.
6. We disclose our environmental policy to the general public.
ISO 14001
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