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Environmental Initiatives
Developing Environmentally Friendly Products
1) Wedge Air Brakes That Are More Lightweight and Compact
  Unlike conventional S-cam air brakes, these brakes use a wedge-shaped camshaft and slack adjuster to reduce weight 26% (compared with TBK models).

Raising the braking ratio with wedging allows for a more compact brake chamber.
2) Asymmetrical Braking System to Reduce Brake Screeching
  By adopting two types of drum shoe materials and thereby separating the natural frequencies of the shoes, we succeeded in suppressing coupled vibrations across the entire brake to substantially reduce brake screeching.
Energy-Saving Pumps to Reduce Engine Fuel Consumption
TBK's proprietary energy-saving pump employs a triple gear. This gear saves energy by supplying the amount of oil required by the engine by regulating an internal valve to reduce waste.

This configuration reduces engine friction, raises efficiency and enhances fuel efficiency.
Electrical   Mechanical
Electrical   Mechanical
Auxiliary Braking Products to Extend the Life of Replacement Parts
TBK's electro-magnetic retarder for trucks and buses reduces the frequency of use of the foot brake during high-speed travel and when descending steep grades. This reduces wear and extends the life of brake drums, linings, rotors and pads. Less frequent braking also helps reduce driver strain.
Retarders for heavy-duty vehicles   Retarders for medium-duty vehicles
Retarders for heavy-duty vehicles   Retarders for medium-duty vehicles
Expanding Re-Use of Replaceable Components (Rebuilt Expanders): TBK Sales Co., Ltd.
In the past, wedge air brake expanders were discarded after a single use. To conserve resources, we now collect these parts for reuse, when possible.
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