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August 5, 2005
Use of Asbestos Products and Adverse Effects to Health

Currently asbestos is a social issue and TBK wishes to clarify its use of asbestos in the following:

1. Concerning the manufacture of asbestos products

TBK has manufactured brake linings and pads since 1975 as part of its brake component line up. One of the raw materials for these products was chrysotile. Taking into account the effects of chrysotile on the environment and to health, TBK wasted no time in developing non-asbestos products and pushed forward programs to switch over to these as soon as possible. To that end, TBK discontinued use of asbestos in December 2001.

2. Production centers handling asbestos and management of asbestos products

A TBK subsidiary, TBR Co., Ltd., located in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, and TBK's Fukushima plant previously manufactured asbestos products. TBK fully recognizes the importance of implementing asbestos countermeasures and complies with all laws concerning work environment, work management, health management regarding manufacture and use of asbestos products. TBK is constantly improving the environment surrounding its workplaces.

3. Adverse health effects from asbestos products

No TBK or TBK-affiliate employees, retired or currently employed, have ever died from mesothelioma and there are no cases currently undergoing treatment. TBK remains committed to continuously assessing it employees.

4. Impact on plant environs

TBK fully complies with laws and regulations to regularly measure environment indicators. In accordance with the Air Pollution Control Law, which requires asbestos concentrations to be less than 10 f/L (fiber per liter), TBK has much lesser concentration of 0.19 - 1.70 f/L at its plants. Currently TBK has not had any enquiries or requests for consultation concerning illnesses caused by asbestos.

The above illustrates the current situation at TBK regarding asbestos. TBK continues to fully cooperate with government and other bodies to exchange information and ensure full disclosure. TBK fully recognizes the seriousness of the asbestos in our society.

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