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March 5, 2006
In re: Participation in the 2006 Tokachi Daiheigen Cross Country Ski Tournament
The 2006 Tokachi Daiheigen Cross Country Ski Tournament was successfully held on March 5, 2006, with the participation of 622 skiers. The primary sponsors of this tournament were the city of Obihiro, Hokkaido, and the local newspaper. This company and Hitachi, Ltd., which jointly own the Obihiro Proving Grounds, allowed our facilities to be used as the event headquarters and the primary event facilities. The event itself was conducted in the nearby countryside.
The different classifications for the event, including distances of 40 kilometers, 20 kilometers, 10 kilometers, and two kilometers, as well as classifications by gender and age, enabled the creation of a program in which the contestants could participate in accordance with their physical strength. The event also attracted contestants from outside Hokkaido.

Our corporate building was used as the primary facility   A scene at the start
Competition in natural surroundings   Award ceremony
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