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February 7, 2007
Notification regarding the revision of the dividend forecast for the year ending March 2007
We hereby provide notification of the decision made at the Board of Directors meeting of February 7, 2007, to revise the forecast amount of dividends per share at the end of the term as follows.
We had forecast a dividend of five yen for the year (year end) as the dividend for the year ending March 2007. The favorable trend in results, however, has prompted us to add three yen to the five yen per share ordinary dividend as a dividend to commemorate the start of production in the United States in November 2006. The dividend will now be eight yen per share.
  Interim Year end For the year
Previous forecast amount (at May 16, 2006) \ 0.00 \5.00 \5.00
Amount for this revised forecast
(Ordinary dividend: \5.00)
(Commemorate dividend: 3.00)
0.00 8.00 8.00
Reference: Dividends per share for the previous year
(Ordinary dividend: \5.00)
(Commemorate dividend: 3.00)
0.00 8.00 8.00
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