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February 7, 2007
Overview of conditions for the consolidated account for the third quarter of the year ending March 2007 (October to December, 2006)

The candidates for director to be presented for discussion at the 71st General Stockholders' Meeting scheduled for the latter part of June were selected at the Board of Directors meeting on April 26, 2007. This is to inform you of the unofficial decision on the change of the representative director, which will be formally decided at the Board of Directors meeting following the conclusion of the General Stockholders' Meeting.

Business results (Consolidated)
We maintained steady capital investment as a company in the third quarter of the current year (October to December 2006), but the impact of soaring oil prices and the easing of monetary policy meant that our future prospects continue to remain unclear. In this climate, the net income for our group rose 1.6% from the previous year to \30,607 million, operating income totaled \2,308 million, and net income totaled \1,054 million.
  Net sales Operating
Net income
Net income
per share (3Q)
Millions of yen Yen
Third Q. of FY2006 \30,607 \2,308 \2,184 \1,054 \35.97
Third Q. of FY2005 30,131 2,870 2,694 2,180 75.91
(Ref.: FY2005 annually) 41,122 3,860 3,617 2,515 85.30
Financial conditions
Shareholders' equity at the end of the third quarter this year rose \544 million from the same period last year to stand at \46,895 million. Also, net assets rose \1,331 million to \15,868 million. Therefore, our net worth ratio rose 2.4 percentage points from the end of March 2006 to 32.7%. Further, net assets for the current term are compared as the total of shareholders' equity and minority interests for the previous term.
  Total assets Net assets Capital
ratio (%)
Net assets
per share (\)
Millions of yen
At 3Q end (Dec. 2006) \46,895 \15,868 32.7 \521.64
At 3Q end (Dec. 2005) 46,473 13,709 29.5 477.37
Ref.: FY2005 end (Mar. 2006) 46,350 14,044 30.3 489.07
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