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April 26, 2007
Notification regarding the revision of the projected non-consolidated results for the full year
1. Revision of the figures for the projected non-consolidated results for the current year (April 2006 to March 2007)
We hereby provide notification that the forecast for the non-consolidated results for the year ended March 2007, issued at the time of the release of the interim report on November 16, 2006, have been revised as noted in the following due to recent changes in the business climate and our performance. Please note there has been no revision in the consolidated results forecast.
(Millions of yen, %)
  Net sales Recurring
Net income
Figures in previously announced forecast (A) \32,500 \1,500 800
Figures for this revised forecast (B) 33,790 2,200 1,140
Amount of increase or decrease (B-A) 1,290 700 340
Percentage of change (%) 4.0 46.7 42.5
(Reference) Results for previous term 32,079 1,612 1,231
Reference: Net income per share (forecast) is \38.09
2. Reasons for revision
The favorable trends in our results during the fourth quarter of the year in question and the incorporation of the proceeds from the sale of securities in Other Income resulted in the revision of the non-consolidated forecast results announced on November 16, 2006.
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