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Purchasing Policy
TBK conducts manufacturing and purchasing activities on a global basis.
    In our global manufacturing activities, we aim to provide all companies, whether in Japan or overseas, with business opportunities on an impartial basis and to evaluate them fairly, as the basic stance of our purchasing activities is to acquire the best components that meet the conditions we have set. We also seek to foster cooperative relationships with business partners who comply with international and Japanese laws, as well as our own rules and regulations. We aim to build trust-based relationships with such companies as we pursue reasonably priced products with optimal quality.
    As a company that is keenly aware of its own social responsibilities, including that of environmental preservation, we actively seek out business partners who are of the same mind.

Principal Procurement Items
1.FC and FCD casting materials (particularly thin-walled geometries)
2.Die-cast, gravity and other aluminum materials
3.Cold- and hot-forged materials
4.Press components
5.Rubber and resin shaped components
6.Parts processed using lathes or machining centers
7.Surface processing and heat treatment of steel stock and cast products
9.Sintered parts

Green Purchasing Guidelines
To minimize our environmental impact, we work to reduce the burden placed on the environment by our manufacturing activities and our products. We also conduct "green procurement" targeting materials and parts that excel in terms of their low environmental impact.
    The products, materials and parts that we procure for use in the production activities of all companies in the TBK Group must contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, from the procurement of materials and parts to processing, assembly, transportation, use and disposal.
    The cooperation of our business partners is essential to achieving this goal.
    Furthermore, we recognize that global warming prevention is of growing importance. As we strengthen business alliances with our business partners, we also aim to step up our environmental response.
    We ask for the cooperation of current and future business partners in these efforts.
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