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Oil pumps
Oil pumps are indispensable to engine lubrication and better engine performance.
TBK develops and makes oil pumps for vehicles of all sizes. We were the first to develop and commercialize oil pumps with adjustable output control and energy-saving oil pumps. Thanks to our technological expertise, we can pay due attention to safety, costs, and other conditions during product development.
Market share in Japan
Oil pump market share in Japan
Oil pumps for heavy-duty vehicles Energy-saving pumps

Energy-saving oil pumps (electronic)

Energy-saving oil pumps (mechanical)
Oil pumps for medium-duty vehicles Oil pumps for light-duty vehicles
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Electromotive pumps (water pumps and oil pumps)
These pumps offer a design that is unrestricted by engine configuration while enabling continuous refrigeration, sustained hydraulic pressure, and the supply of lubricating oil even when the engine is off.
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