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Quality Assurance
Production, Quality Assurance
TBK's superior productivity is a result of its commitment to internationally recognized quality assurance systems
Mixed-flow production operation
To improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs, TBK uses computer-controlled mixed-flow production operations.

Productivity of our brake manufacturing operations benefits from the use of flexible production lines, which enable us to simultaneously makes products for multiple models by different customers.

By using modular product designs and standardized production processes, we can successfully increase productivity and reduce equipment costs.
Product line
TBK uses the same production line to process and assemble major components for four automotive manufacturers. They are Isuzu Motors Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors Corp., UD Trucks Corp., and Hino Motor, Ltd.
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Products Components From development to evaluation Type Casting/
Processing Component assembling Aggregate assembling
Wedge brakes for heavy-duty vehicle Anchor brackets            
Shoe ASM (casting) Shoes            
Shoe ASM (metal) Shoes            
Expander ASM Body            
Anchor pins            
Dust covers            
Air chambers            
Other Engine Component Pruduct Line
Turbo charger housing Sylinder head
Engine camshaft FMS line
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