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Quality Assurance
Production, Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Adherence to International Quality Assurance Standards
The ISO/TS16949 quality assurance standard is widely accepted by automobile manufacturers in Europe and the United States. TBK Group maintains certification under ISO/TS16949 at all TBK Group. Through its production system, we supply high-quality, high-precision products to both domestic and global markets.
ISO/TS 16919

TPM activities to improve our productivity
Since 1989 TBK has been implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities. These activities enable us to realize the most effective production system. They also help us establish a corporate structure to prevent losses and achieve zero disasters, zero defects, zero waste, and zero breakdown in production activities.

Thanks to our efforts in these activities, we received Award for TPM Excellence in 1993 and Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment in 1997 from Japan Instutute of Plant Maintenance.

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